Flags For Friends Is About That Life!!

Flags For Friends Is About That Life!!

What do an excitable asexual pirate, a cultured genderqueer vampire, and a lesbian bird who may be at an important decision point in her life all have in common? They\\\’re all your friends, and they\\\’re all counting on you to make an absolute banger of a flag for them!

In Flags for Friends, you play as a queer artist in a post-scarcity era and make custom pride flags for — wait for it — friends!

Design the Perfect Flag!

  • Use a limited toolset to create an awesome flag based on thoughtful prompts provided to you by your friends
  • Or, go rouge, and make whatever the heck you like!
  • Design the perfect flag using only the colors of your favorite pride flag – plus, one extra, customizable color, for that extra bit of flavor
  • Add stickers!
  • Patent-pending \\\”undo\\\” technology lets you correct your mistakes
    • Control/command is not necessary, pressing Z will undo. On Mac, cmd+z may cause several undos all at once

Super Freaking Gay!

  • Made for Nonbinary Jam, Flags for Friends is inexorably queer!
  • Diverse cast of 6 characters of different orientations and identities
  • Twelve built-in pride color palettes
  • Plus, the ability to create your own by choosing from a whopping 32 colors!

Export Your Creations!

  • Press F4 (desktop only) to save a perfect loop showcasing your awesome new flag
  • Select the perfect backdrop of a set of 7 procedural animations
  • Copy / paste your flags as plaintext by hitting c and v!
    • After copying, it will prompt you to use ctrl+c to use the paste on other applications
    • Before pasting, you must use ctrl+v to give the program access to read from your clipboard
    • Also note that copy+paste does not preserve color palette
  • You\\\’re free to do whatever you please with this!

Meet New Friends!

Flags For Friends features a diverse cast of six characters of all different orientations and identities, at different stages in their life! Even better, several of them are from other awesome indie games! Check them out:

  • Video Hole, by JofiSoft, featuring June!
  • Gardener and the Wild Vine, by Finite Reflections, featuring  Gardener!
  • Millennium Maximus, by me, featuring Captain Jack \\\”Blackjack\\\” Piratebeard!
  • Wandersong, by Greg Lobanov, featuring Kiwi

Plugs and Thanks

  • My Twitter for gamedev and gay stuff
  • My awesome push-em-up game
  • Thanks to Trans Dev discord for support and testing
  • Thanks to Kartik, and Holli, and Greg, for allowing the use of their characters
  • Thanks to Emma, for being the best friend
  • Aaron, Mookal, and Entire Library Building for feedback
  • Thanks to you, for playing!


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