Our Story

The Indie Cluster is an organization and platform providing opportunities, resources, and services centered around supporting indie game developers. We focus on quality assurance testing, discoverability, community building, and curating a traveling booth for our games. As our digital future demands more interactive experiences, sustainability is crucial for these small businesses. We’ve created a modular studio for our members, allowing each developer to focus on their game while still staying connected and succeeding together!


Our mission is to never let a passion project die because of a lack of resources. The developers we work with, retweet, share, and support are all so inspiring. It brings us joy to be a part of their growth or even be close enough to witness it. These future creative rockstars have the tools to design what success means to them. Yet being on the corner of art and tech, they often face outside challenges that prevent them from doing what they love. That’s where we want to come in. Giving professional grade feedback, building their brand, engaging with their community, and keeping a solid network of influencers so they don’t have to. All other game hubs are just websites, we provide on-demand services. I’m so grateful for the team that we’ve been able to put together. I’m proud of the success stories of our indie alumni. We’ll never forget the heart of everyone that has supported or partnered with us. Building these bridges is worth it just to see someone light up to discover a great game.

Mission Statement

We are here to inspire the untargeted, promote the unique, and gain attention as a collective by providing a platform and network of community outreach, events, and opportunities for indie developers!


Meet The Team

Ron Jones


Cameron Dale

QA Lead

Kimmiko Ware

PR/Media Relations

Curtis Brown

Community Manager

WonderJay786 - Content Manager


Content Manager

Sponsors and Partners

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